Once you have logged in to your website, you will be presented with different tabs along the top. These different tabs control different areas of your website for editing purposes. 


Globals is the terminology used for content that features throughout your entire site. It is for common content that you would expect to find on most websites. For instance, it could be your contact details, social media links or items that feature in your footer.  This content usually remains unchanged but might need to be updated if you move office, change your phone number or set-up additional social media channels. 

To edit this content, use the navigation bar on the left to go to the area you are looking to change. Once selected, you will then be presented with fields on the right hand side where you can edit the appropriate content. 

Once you have made your change, make sure you click 'save' for the changes to take place.

If there is a red star next to a title (as above in the example) this means it is a mandatory field and must contain information. 

If you are looking to change areas of your website such as the pages or a blog, try our Editing Content - Entries FAQ.