Once you have logged in to your website, you will be presented with different tabs along the top. These different tabs control different areas of your website for editing purposes. 


Entires is the terminology used for the content that you want to display across your website pages. They are broken down into singles, channels and structures


Singles are used for one-off pages that have specific content requirements. These singles page are likely to be:

  • Homepage
  • About Us page
  • Contact Us page

Within these pages it is likely you be able to update the copy, images and meta data associated with them.


Channels are used for content areas that have regular updates, examples of these will be:
  • Blog
  • News
  • Events

Within these areas, it is likely that you will want to create new pieces of content. You will have access to creating titles, copy, meta data, adding images but also the opportunity to set expiry and live dates.


Structures are used for creating pages that require similar pages related to them. For instance, you may want to create a 'Services' area with details on each service in a hierarchical order within in. Examples may include:
  • Our Services
  • Our Products
  • Our Team

Within these structures you are able to control the order that related content displays. Like channels, you are able to set an expiry and live date for related content. For instance, if you were looking to release a new product in four weeks time you could write your content in advance and set it to go live on a set date. 

If you are looking to change areas of your website such as the footer, contact details or social media links, try our Editing Content - Globals FAQ.