If you have an existing website or have already purchased your website address you will be asked to provide Social You with details of your domain name. Sometimes, this is not always 'owned' by the company and may have been set-up by a previous colleague, agency or individual. 

Finding out who owns your domain name

If you are unsure who registered your domain name, there are a series of free tools available to help you find out. We have used WHOIS

Simply type in your domain name (e.g. www.socialyou.co.uk) and click the search icon. You will be presented with a list of information about this domain name and who registered it. 

You should be able to see a name of who registered it. It is worth looking at the 'Name servers' and  'relevant dates' to see if you have an account here. In the example above, the Name servers are with 123 Reg which means it is likely this is where the domain name has been registered. 

Help! I do not own my domain name.

Most of the time the domain name is usually registered by an employee, agency or contractor.  Get in touch with this person to see if they can transfer the domain name to your company. Usually, this is a straight forward process but it can take a bit of time to complete so you will need to factor this in to any deadlines you have set. 

This information is very important. In order to make sure your new website is able to be displayed against your companies domain name, we need to make changes to the nameservers so that everything is pointing to the correct place. It is always best to look into this up front, so that deployment of your website runs as smoothly as possible.