There are two options available for hosting your new website:

1. Hosting is organised by yourself at a compatible host of your choice. 

You will be  responsible for the setup of the hosting account and any backups, security and maintenance. The SLA will be that of the hosting company you choose. Choosing this option will incur additional time from Social You each time we are required to make a change to the production site; along with additional time up front to validate the hosting is capable of running the website.

2. Hosting is provided by Social You. 

Social You can host the website on our production environments. We have a system in place to instantly deploy changes to the production site and have ensured that our environment is capable of running your website. Therefore, no additional time would be incurred for this part. There is an annual hosting fee and you would be bound by our SLA. 

Your hosting requirements will be discussed with you up front, when Social You have been appointed to your website project.